Kennel  Queen

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"Home Sweet Home Maker  Pet

Sasha II, Kennel Founding Dam; AKC, GSP, (Super-Frau) “both a "mom-extraordinare" as well as a devout domestic watch dog."

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She Jumps Like A Kangaroo & Runs Like The Wind.

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"Perpetuating The Pedigree”  Pet  ^

Wunderfrau  I  ChocolateLove Heir Apparent 

Charlie On The Lake I  Playing Catch

Ruffin' It Out   I  Founding  Dam Whelps FATHERS DAY!

All Weather Pals  I  On The GIn The Snow    I  Shuffling Snow

Wide-Angle View Of The Latest Crew.

Waiting At The Door

New Pups On Hand  I  "Puppy 2 for 1"

GSP On Track   I   Pick Of The Litter

Another Pup. Another Home.


Rare Treasure

German Shorthaired Pointers ("Best Of Breeds") on YouTube


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