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"Beyond Words"

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Shoot For The Sky!  Pet ^

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K9 Vogue, Fall 2017   I   Sasha The Third, on guard in a new, holiday HOODIE  I  Inquiries, To Order

Everything the smart dog owner needs. Find everyday essentials like leashes, dog beds and bowls and then make yourself your dog's favorite person with fun playtime essentials. 

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Our Pedigree is descended from our founding Sire, “Charles of Eames”.  He is a direct descendant of AKC-GSP,  Champion, Bowman’s Shooting Starrs and "Wunder-Frau",  Sasha II  More

October 09, 2016 —  Trusty Trick-or-treater

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Basic Training    I   "Sit; attaboy!” —Pet ^

Fetchin’ Fodder;  Halloween pumpkins are nutritional perks for people as well as growing pups;  baked, brazed, stewed, dried and cubed they make wholesome training treats that can’t be beat. 

"Sasha The Third”,  Whelped, March 7/7/2016   I   Top, AKC, GSP,  "Starter-dog" To-go!   I   Granddaughter, Charlie of  Eames.

"it's gratifying to have something you've photographed linger in people's memories."

~ Michael Enfield



SHORTHAIR ON TRACK  I  Traveling First-Class

 Pack For The Holidays!   I  A pal for a pal.

3 Week Old Father’s Day Brood Counting Each Dear Day!

Charlie Plays Catch  I  On The Lake 

CHOCOLATE, Kennel, "Heir Apparent ", (Whelped, Saint Patrick's Day, '13) Gets All New Digs!

The Penetrating Prowess of The Pointer Is Incomparable.

Posing For Posterity I  Stalking Slippery Slopes

Basic Training


Ruffin' It Out   I   Waiting @ The Door


On The Go In The Snow 


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