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beyond words a1 med hr-2

"Beyond Words"

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shoot for the sky med hr

Shoot For The Sky!  Pet ^

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“Romeo”,  Enfield German Shorthair Starter GSP, AKC-OK

(exert:  AKC, GSP, "Breed Standard”,  Crown Criteria)

"The head is clean-cut, is neither too light nor too heavy, and is in proper proportion to the body. The eyes are of medium size, full of intelligence and expression, good-humored and yet radiating energy, neither protruding nor sunken. The eye is almond shaped, not circular. The preferred color is dark brown. Light yellow eyes are not desirable and are a fault. Closely set eyes are to be faulted. China or wall eyes are to be disqualified. The ears are broad and set fairly high, lie flat and never hang away from the head. Their placement is just above eye level. The ears when laid in front without being pulled, should extend to the corner of the mouth. In the case of heavier dogs, the ears are correspondingly longer. Ears too long or fleshy are to be faulted. The skull is reasonably broad, arched on the side and slightly round on top. Unlike the Pointer, the median line between the eyes at the forehead is not too deep and the occipital bone is not very conspicuous. The foreface rises gradually from nose to forehead. The rise is more strongly pronounced in the dog than in the bitch. The jaw is powerful and the muscles well developed. The line to the forehead rises gradually and never has a definite stop as that of the Pointer, but rather a stop-effect when viewed from the side, due to the position of the eyebrows. The muzzle is sufficiently long to enable the dog to seize game properly and be able to carry it for a long time. A pointed muzzle is not desirable. The depth is in the right proportion to the length, both in the muzzle and in the skull proper. The length of the muzzle should equal the length of skull. A dish-shaped muzzle is a fault. A definite Pointer stop is a serious fault. Too many wrinkles in the forehead is a fault. The nose is brown, the larger the better, and with nostrils well opened and broad. A spotted nose is not desirable. A flesh colored nose disqualifies. The chops fall away from the somewhat projecting nose. Lips are full and deep yet are never flewy. The teeth are strong and healthy. The molars intermesh properly. The bite is a true scissors bite. A perfect level bite is not desirable and must be penalized. Extreme overshot or undershot disqualifies.

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All newly whelped  pups experience at least 8 weeks of maternal, pack nurturing as well as expert domestic socialization prior to their rehoming;  on occasion,  several closely vetted pups, selected from various Kennel broods are given several more weeks time of comprehensive, field-trial training and conditioning.

love at first sight a-2 hr med hr-2

Our Pedigree is descended from our founding Sire, “Charles of Eames”.  He is a direct descendant of AKC-GSP,  Champion, Bowman’s Shooting Starrs and "Wunder-Frau",  Sasha II  More

October 09, 2016 —  Trusty Trick-or-treater


Basic Training    I   "Sit; attaboy!” —Pet ^

Fetchin’ Fodder;  Halloween pumpkins are nutritional perks for people as well as growing pups;  baked, brazed, stewed, dried and cubed they make wholesome training treats that can’t be beat. 

sasha on the lake a

"Sasha The Third”,  Whelped, March 7/7/2016   I   On The Lake,  March 25, 20017   I   Granddaughter— Charlie of  Eames.

it's gratifying to have something you've photographed linger in people's memories.



SHORTHAIR ON TRACK  I  Traveling First-Class

 Pack For The Holidays!   I  A pal for a pal.

3 Week Old Father’s Day Brood Counting Each Dear Day!

Charlie Plays Catch  I  On The Lake 

CHOCOLATE, Kennel, "Heir Apparent ", (Whelped, Saint Patrick's Day, '13) Gets All New Digs!

The Penetrating Prowess of The Pointer Is Incomparable.

Posing For Posterity I  Stalking Slippery Slopes

Basic Training


Ruffin' It Out


On The Go In The Snow 


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