Docked & Dewclaw-done

AKC, German Shorthaired Pointer, preliminary/primary, cosmetic criteria:  "The tail is set high and firm, and must be docked, leaving approximately 40% of its length.”  

july 24 litter med hr med h med hr-2-1

Litters' tails are docked approximately three days after birthing. V

litter 1 a-2 med hr med hr med hr-4

pups naptime-10 med hr med  med hr-8

 "The Milk Of Human Kindness” —Pet ^

 Pack For The Holidays!

White-Glove Delivery I  Puppies Lke Roses

Past Pups On Hand


Bird's-eye View of Our Last Kennel's Crew

Pics Of The Litter

"Love" on Track   I  Past Pups On Hand

Going 1st Class

Nice Pad  I  More Bow-WOW Birthdays!

Four Weeks Old Counting Each Dear Day

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