Heavyweight Champions

August 7, 2016  I  HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONS —Pet V   I   kennel Keeper, New Heir Apparent 


Left To Right (Sold By-The-Pound):       

•  Cap & Gown                     

•  3 wk., 7 lb. Whopper

•  Featherweight Champ

*  “Weighting" In The Wings

•  Off-The-Scale Male

•  Maiden In “Weighting”

chocolatelove enlarged july med hr-2

2016 Litter, "Heir Apparent”  (Pet^  —“Top-Dog" Rewards”

chocolate 6 29 2016 1 a med med hr-2

"Job, Well Done.

trophy a-4 med hr


All Weather Pals I  On The Go In The Snow    I  Shuffling Snow

Birds-Eye-View Of The Latest Crew.

Waiting At The Door

New Pups On Hand  I  "Puppy 2 for 1"

Another Pup. Another Home.


Rare Treasure

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