The “First Family"

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"Boy Meets Girl

•Sasha 11, Top, Founding Dam, whelped, KS, 03/28/2006 (AKC SR33250005)

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Charlie Of Eames, Below, Sire #1, whelped, NY, 11/17/2005, (AKC SR33250005)

As the result of our Übermensch Dam’s extraordinary maternal nurturing and, our Kennel’s expert intervention the "camouflage-coated" couple, produced a bounty of vigorous, AKC-Standard, GSP prize pups throughout the history of their fruitful interaction.

kennel threesome 2 ab med h med hr-2

"Top AKC, GSP, Family Tree"     04/12/2017   ^

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Enfield German Shorthairs’  "Premier Platmates" ^

kennel master 1 ab

“Hail To The Chief!”

Kennel Master, Senior Creative Director  w/ChocolateLove, May 21, 2017  

New Heir Apparent  I  Kennel Master Portraits

Past Pups On Hand

PACK  for The Holidays! 

Puppies Like Roses


The First Lady

The  Founding Father  I  On The Lake

On The Go In The Snow

Happy Birthdays!

Trusty Trainer & Royal Guardian

The First Family

Ruffin’ It Out

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