Bird Dog Training 

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Inately, German Shorthaired Pointers, are once grown, renown bird dogs" and from the very get-go they’ll tackle squeaky toys fervently that  emulate prey;  however the feathery, colorful gadgets can pose serious dangers to it.  Certain types of toys can be quickly torn to shreds in a moment from  captiure.  If your pup in its carefree activity swallows pieces or the squeaker, it could cause digestive obstructions, serious choking and, even death.

If you wish to give your pet a squeaky toy, make sure that its made of latex and the squeaker is not a separate piece embedded in the toy. Latex is a tough material that can take much more abuse than plastic. 

Whenever you provide your pup a prefabricated training toy, make sure you stand by to  supervise its frolicking interaction with it.  If you sense your pets destroying it in any way whatsoever, retrive it at once.  Save him from himself;  as mean as it might make you feel.

Charlie Plays Catch  

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"More than A 'Gun-Dog', A fun Dog!"

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