ChocolateLove's  Snow Day

chocolate 1a med hr-1 med hr

AKC Champion, “Snow" Dog

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"Bird Feeder"

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"Snowing Off   I   Pet, Meet More Kennel Kindred On The Go In The Snow  ^


Charlie Plays Catch  I  On The Lake  I   Nice Pad    I   Lunch Break  I  All Weather Pals

CHOCOLATELOVE,  Kennel, "Heir Apparent ", (Whelped, Saint Patrick's Day, '13) Gets All New Digs!

The Penetrating Prowess of The Pointer Is Incomparable.

Posing For Posterity


Goin' When It's Snowin'

Puppies Like Roses

 PACK For The Holidays!   I   Tummy Ta-Tum-Tum Tum! 

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