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Cricket's humming incessantly, blazing, lofty  leaves, crisp, fresh air permeating darting, warm, wet kisses inevitably beget Puppy Love.

Westminster, "Best of Breed”,  2016, "Look-Alike", Starter Pup.  (Lounging Left) 

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Last Of The Last Litter Of The Last Litters   I  Bidding Underway  I  Heavyweight Class Pups @ 3 Wks. I    Pet ^

The Drama of  Kennel’s, 2017 Delivery:

July 11, 2017—  Mom-to-be  

chocolatelovecarriage final med hr-28

"Puppy Carriage”

Our AKC, Kennel sweetheart, ChocolateLove, after clearing her last season, was again formally betrothed to Warmarks top sire & Champ, Tippy's Magnum George.  We expected another prize brood sometime in September.  We anticipated at least 9 splendid pups.

chocolatelove-whelping med  med hr-2

"Waiting For A Miracle"

Saturday, September, 16,  (099.6 F; 10 A.M.) —ON STANDBY.

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Our  GSP progeny make ideal additions to vetted, discriminating sport enthusiasts as well as active, landed, family gentry.

All Enfield German Shorthair progeny are rehomed, Vet Certified,  dewclaws removed, tails bobbed, dewormed, vaccinated to date and perfectly groomed after fafter having experienced 8 weeks of robust, maternal and domestic socialization.

*We have never in more than twenty years of breeding German Shorthaired Pointers had one pup returned to the Kennel for any reason.  Before transferring any GSP we've nurtured we are assured that its prospective new owners are unequivocally capable of accommodating its innate agility, gregariousness and boundless energy;  and, of course, that they're 100% capable of providing it top tier hygiene and healthcare.

We request that Kennel would-be, GSP buyers are truly prepared to enter the wonderfully rewarding world of AKC, canine ownership.  All prospective buyers are urged to contact us with any and all inquiries:

Whelped September 19, 2017—  THIRTEEN, Clean-Lined, Solid Crowned, German Shorthaired Pointers w/Developing, Dark, Cocoa-Colored, Variable Patches , Heavy Rone Ticking And Uniform, Ebony Nails. 

This "Camouflage Coated" Variety Of German Shorthaired Pointer Is The Consequence Of The Kennel's Aesthetically Discerning, Seasonal Selection Of Mating Partners In Conjunction With Noted, Unassociated Lineage.

The Propegation Of Our Pedigree Is With A Doubt, The "Greatest GSP Litter Ever Born By This Kennel's Long, Distinguished History".

Discriminating, Prospective Buyers;  Please, Personally Contact—

Enfield German Shorthairs


2102 Windham Lane, Silver Spring, Maryland 20902

e:  michaelenfield@verizon.net  I  Visit:  http://www.enfieldgermanshorthairs.org

Locale / Directons

puppy by the pound

October 19, 2017  The NEW GANG'S Prize Pup @ 4 Weeks:  A Hearty, UPSCALE MALE  (Generously Roan Ticked w/Sky-blue Eyes)  Litter Pups will be acquired in the order in which they’re reserved.  (remote buyers may pick pups in real time, live action via FaceTime).

Several Still Available Pups*:

*November 1, 2017

"New Pals!"

Pictured, November 3, 2017

palmer 1

Our latest, greatest litter ever, has completed 8 weeks of rigorous socialization and is available for rehoming— just in time to accentuate The Holiday Season with a superlative extra perk!  

L a t e s t   N e w s :

"2017, 'Princess-Pup', Dazzles An All-American New Home!" I  ChocolateLove’s 1st of 13 New Pup's WhelpedDeveloping Double— Rehomed To New Hampshire!


Comrade In Arms  I  ChocolateLove’s Holiday Gifts


ChocolateLove, Heir Apparent   I  Past Pups On Hand

Charlie Plays Catch   I  On The Lake  ChocolateLove Shuffling Snow

Puppies Like Roses   I  To Buy Behold

 "Litter Of All Litters!"

Pics Of The Litter  I  Past Pups On Hand

All Weather Pals  I  Tummy Ta-Tum-Tum-Tum!  

Cut-Rate, Organic, Treats

Sisters Will Be Sisters.

Waiting At The Door 

Recommended, "Live-Action" (You Tube) Breed Information: 


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